Patrol Method and Troop Training Resources

A list of Patrol Leader Resources

A Patrol Method Checklist (DOC)

Another Patrol Method Checklist (PDF)

Boy Led Troop (pdf)

Camp Duty Roster & Menu Planner (PDF)

How a Troop Works (DOC, PDF)

How Does a Patrol Leaders Council Plan? (PDF)

How to Have Effective and Productive PLC Meetings (PDF)

Introduction to Leadership Skills Course Presentation for new Troop Jr. Leader Training (PPT)

Matching Leadership Styles to the Needs of Scouts (PDF)

Our Gang - A Short Story on the Patrol Method (PDF)

Patrol Meeting Agenda

Patrol Method Filmstrip (WMV)

Patrol Method Presentation (PPT)

Patrol Method Presentation for Parents (PPT)

Salt River District June 2011 Patrol Method Survey Results (PDF)

Teaching Jr. Leaders Presentation (PPT)

Teaching the Patrol Method in the Troop (PDF)

Teaching the Patrol Method outline (DOC)

The Patrol Method Patrol Helps for Scoutmasters, 1938 (PDF)

The Patrol Method (PDF) handout

Troop Goals, Age Appropriate Challenges (PDF)

The Troop Leaders (PDF)

The Youth Leadership Training Continuum (DOC)

Troop Leadership Training Presentation to be used with the old TLT training found in Chapter 7 of the SM Handbook (PPT)

Unit Level Youth Leadership Training Resources (DOC)

Working the Patrol Method (book)

Youth Leader Training Continuum Presentation (PPT)


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Updated 1/8/2013